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monte mariposa


property description:  Human civilisation is involved in an expansion of awareness; a Culture is developing where Humanity, Art, Science and Spirituality are meeting and embracing one another. Monte Mariposa would like to contribute to this process by being a Centre where people come together to learn, research, experience, exchange and stimulate individual and community oriented "creativity". We organise performances, courses, workshops and residential training’s in fields such as: Energy work, Art, Dance and Movement studies, Holistic healing, Theatre, Music and Environmental awareness.

accommodation:  Monte Mariposa can be rented entirely to obtain absolute privacy to organise your own (residential) training, workshop, meeting, reunion, or presentation. We rent individual apartments and wooden huts to experience a different holiday of tranquility and peace.

contact details:   Monte Mariposa
Apartado 57 8800 TAVIRA
Tel (00) 351 281 971420
Fax (00) 351 281 971497

Mobilephone (00) 351 96 5419633



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